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How Jamba Juice marketing turned wheatgrass into gold

Posted by Lynda Sydney

Feb 24, 2016 12:44:47 AM

Swishy-Chug-logo.pngWhen Grammy Award winning singer Adele appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show last week, a hidden camera prank turned into marketing gold for Jamba Juice due to the quick thinking and fast action of their marketing team.


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Writing Tips – 10 Quotes from the Masters

Posted by Lynda Sydney

Feb 17, 2016 11:57:57 PM

Writing-tips-250.jpgThe inbound marketing methodology is based on creating remarkable content that adds value for your target audience. Many companies say content creation is one of their biggest challenges – they constantly have to develop new ideas and topics to keep the content funnel full.

If you need writing tips and a bit of motivation to get started, here are some of my favourite fun and inspiring writers’ quotes. While most are fiction writers, we also tip our hats to the advertising master, David Ogilvy.


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Why the HubSpot CRM is the Introverted Salesperson's Secret Weapon

Posted by Lynda Sydney

Feb 17, 2016 10:06:05 PM

HubSpot-CRM-introverted-salesperson-250.jpgWhen you think of top salespeople, you usually envision an outgoing, Type A, extrovert. It may surprise you that as a self-proclaimed introvert, I once worked as a salesperson.

I was in marketing at an educational publishing company and to move to a more senior position, one had to spend some time “in the field” selling textbooks. My sales colleagues were competitive extroverts, constantly vying for Top Sales Representative honours. I took a deep breath, made my sales calls — and counted the months until I could move back to the safety of the marketing department.


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How to Boost Inbound Marketing Creativity with HubSpot

Posted by Lynda Sydney

Feb 17, 2016 7:21:51 PM

inbound-marketing-creativity-250.jpgAt Hoi Moon Marketing, we believe in the inbound marketing methodology – creating remarkable content that attracts people to products and services that will help solve their problems, not pushing out irrelevant advertising that interrupts or annoys. As inbound marketers, one of our favourite tools is HubSpot’s all-in-one inbound marketing software.


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